Asian Underwater Hockey Championship (AUHC) 2015

13-15 November 2015, Jakarta - Indonesia

Indonesia will be hosting this years AUHC in Jakarta, Indonesia. It will be held from the 13th to the 15th of November. Players from Philippines, Singapore, China, Japan and Indonesia are expected to join the event. And invitations are exended to any Australian teams/players interested in attending.


Following previous AUHC tournaments, Indonesia will host a Nations Cup and Challenge Cup. The Nations cup will include a male and female division, open to Asian countries only. The Challenge cup will use a mixed team format and encourages a high level of social hockey, forming teams of combined Asian and Australian players. There will also be exhibition matches between an all-Australian team with each Asian nation.


The tournament ill be hosted at the Universitas Pelita Harapan Swimming Pool, one of the top private university in Indonesia. The campus is located in Karawaci, Tangerang which is 15-20km away from Jakarta CBD. Karawaci is a well-developed satellite town so all modern amenities and services are available.


The tournament pool is olympic size, with 2 playing courts planned. The length of each court will be 21m x 12m. Court 1 depth will be 1.8m, court 2 will be 1.8m  and slightly sloping to 1.6m. Tiles for the pool is blue in color, size of tile is 5x5cm.


Like previous AUHC, there will be an optional post event trip that will be arranged by the tournament organisers. It will be a 4 days 3 night trip, 16-19 November. Further information will be provided at a later date.


The tournament fee is expected to be similar to previous AUHC tournaments. About USD 100 per participant.


Aryaduta lippo village is the choice accommodation for AUHC 2015. Current booking rates on is about USD 66 per night for 1 twin room.


Stay tuned for more information.

2010 Asian Underwater Hockey Championships


Asian Underwater Hockey Championships (Manila 2010 Invitational), Trace Aquatic Sports Complex,
Los Baños, Laguna, October 29-31, 2010.“It was so fun and so tiring at the same time. The Women played in the
Men’s Division, Mixed Division and the Women’s Division, and therefore
we played around 6 games per day !
…… Uuuuffff !”  –  Lucy Perdomo.



Mens Team 2 won the Gold medal, and Mens Team 1 won the Silver medal.


The Womens Team won the Gold medal in the Womens Division


The Mixed Team 1 won the Gold medal. The Mixed Team 2 won the Silver medal.


Mens Team 1

David Sutcliffe, Mark Nathan, George Armstrong,
John Bridley, Pat Kelly, Craig Mackenzie, Phil Ackerman

Mens Team 2

Rees Quilford, Ray Watts, Rod Paule, Simon Talbot,
Mark Stanton, Daniel Maddock, John Rheinlander

Womens Team

Lena Plambeck, Michaela Dommisse, Kirsteen Reid,
Marie Tousignant, Natalie Wickham, Hayley Digney, Nix Arroyo,
Lucero Perdomo Cruz, Jane Gilligan

Mixed Team 1

David Sutcliffe, Craig Mackenzie, Mark Stanton, Mark Nathan,
Lena Plambeck, Kristeen Reid, Lucy Perdomo

Mixed Team 2

Haley Digney, Michaella Dommisse, Marie Tousignant, Ray Watts,
John Rheinlander, Mark Stanton, Rees Quilford, George Armstrong.

Photo Album

Do you have any other pics from this competition to share with us? We are particularly looking for names and photos of each of the teams that played in this competition. Please email communicationsofficer [at] underwaterhockeyaustralia [dot] org [dot] au" href="mailto://communicationsofficer [at] underwaterhockeyaustralia [dot] org [dot] au" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank">communicationsofficer [at] underwaterhockeyaustralia [dot] org [dot] au with any photos including the date and competition that was played and the names of the people in the photo.