The 2014 Margaret River Rumble

Mageret River Rumble - Winning Juniors

Margaret River Rumble - Winning Junior team

The 2014 Margaret River Rumble was a great success with a total of 15 teams! 12 senior teams and 3 junior teams; an impressive effort for a regional club rumble which had interstate players travelling across the continent to be involved.Congratulations to the winning team which consisted of: Tom Miller, Sean Marsh, Hayley Digney, Jason Miles and Shania.
The wooden Spoon was taken by the team: Jason Miezis, Moshe, Greg Biffin, Drew McKenzie, Michaela, Kathleen Oshea.
As you can see from the image (below), the tradition to dress-up the wooden spooners remains in tact. A beautiful tradition and fantastic turnout for a regional club - Well done Magaret River UWH and organisers.
Other notable awards from the event include:
Best and Fairest female: Clare Gleeson
Best and Fairest male: Craig McKenzie
Highest goal scorers: Hayley Digney and Jason Miles
Rising star awards were taken out by Lachy Pendlbury and Nathalie Iredale.
Magaret River Rumble - Winning Team

Margaret River Rumble - Winning Team


Margaret River Rumble - Wooden Spoon Team

Margaret River Rumble - Wooden Spoon Team