2010 Asian Underwater Hockey Championships


Asian Underwater Hockey Championships (Manila 2010 Invitational), Trace Aquatic Sports Complex,
Los Baños, Laguna, October 29-31, 2010.“It was so fun and so tiring at the same time. The Women played in the
Men’s Division, Mixed Division and the Women’s Division, and therefore
we played around 6 games per day !
…… Uuuuffff !”  –  Lucy Perdomo.



Mens Team 2 won the Gold medal, and Mens Team 1 won the Silver medal.


The Womens Team won the Gold medal in the Womens Division


The Mixed Team 1 won the Gold medal. The Mixed Team 2 won the Silver medal.


Mens Team 1

David Sutcliffe, Mark Nathan, George Armstrong,
John Bridley, Pat Kelly, Craig Mackenzie, Phil Ackerman

Mens Team 2

Rees Quilford, Ray Watts, Rod Paule, Simon Talbot,
Mark Stanton, Daniel Maddock, John Rheinlander

Womens Team

Lena Plambeck, Michaela Dommisse, Kirsteen Reid,
Marie Tousignant, Natalie Wickham, Hayley Digney, Nix Arroyo,
Lucero Perdomo Cruz, Jane Gilligan

Mixed Team 1

David Sutcliffe, Craig Mackenzie, Mark Stanton, Mark Nathan,
Lena Plambeck, Kristeen Reid, Lucy Perdomo

Mixed Team 2

Haley Digney, Michaella Dommisse, Marie Tousignant, Ray Watts,
John Rheinlander, Mark Stanton, Rees Quilford, George Armstrong.

Photo Album

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