2011 World Age Group Games, Dordrecht Netherlands


The UWH World Age Group Games were held in Dordrecht Netherlands 9th – 16th July 2011


U19 Team

  • Matt McCartney (captain) (TAS)
  • Shannon Griffiths (vice captain) (WA)
  • Harry van der Woude (TAS)
  • James Milner (TAS)
  • Mitch Piccoli (WA)
  • Callum Wishart (VIC)
  • Duncan MacKay (TAS)
  • Brendan Lewis (TAS)
  • Alex Barnes Keoghan (TAS)
  • Tom Milner (TAS)
  • Cameron Lewis (TAS)
  • Nick Martyn (coach)
  • Rees Quilford (chaperone)

Masters Team

  • Jason Meizis (captain/coach) (WA)
  • Pat Roberts (WA)
  • Ray Watts (VIC)
  • Daniel Maddock (WA)
  • Phil Ackerman (NSW)
  • Craig MacKenzie (vice capitan) (WA)
  • Mark Nathan (WA)
  • Pat Meaney (TAS)
  • John Bridley (ACT)
  • Simon Talbot (TAS)
  • George Armstrong (WA)
  • John Reinlander (WA)



Round Robin

Australia 3 Columbia 4

Australia 4 Great Britain 1
Australia 5 France 5
Australia 2 South Africa 6
Australia 21 Belgium 0
Australia 14 Netherlands 0
Australia 5 Spain 3
Australia 3 New Zealand 4

Semi final

Australia 3 France 2

Quarter Final

Australia 3 New Zealand 7

3-4 play off

Australia 1 Columbia 3
Final position – Australia 4th   


Round Robin

Australia 3 SouthAfrica
Australia 3 Great Britain 6
Australia 2 Netherlands 5
Australia 3 South Africa 5
Australia 4 Great Britain 3
Australia 0 Netherlands 4
Australia 2 France 1
Australia 1 France 3
Australia 3 Great Britain 6
Final position – Australia 5th


by Team Manager Sandra Milner

The aim of this competition as expressed by the Netherlands Underwater Hockey Association was to offer an international level competition for juniors (U19and U23) because they felt it was vital for the development of the sport and an international level competition for Masters where more experienced players from all over the world could get together and play against old friends. When CMAS did not sanction the competition they went ahead anyway as they felt so strongly it was needed for junior development.From talking to the U19 players the competition has had a tremendously positive impact on them. Australia does not have a huge pool of juniors to choose from but those we do have are skilled players, are prepared to train very hard and they give their heart and soul in the games. This has resulted in them being very competitive on the world stage despite significant illness and injury within the team. This competition has fired their enthusiasm to continue playing at an international level in Durban in 2013.

I have not had a chance to talk to the Masters post comp but hope they also found the trip very rewarding. They certainly got to play lots of good, hard hockey.

I would like to thank Nick Martyn and Rees Quilford for their excellent work with the juniors. Not only are their underwater hockey skill superb (as we all know) but the way they worked to bring out the best in each player was really excellent. Pieter van der Woude is also to be given a big Thank You for going and reffing at his own cost. Finally I would like say thank you for all the support we got from family and players who watched the games streamed on the internet.

Do you have any photos from this competition to share with us? We are particularly looking for names and photos of each of the teams that played in this competition. Please email communicationsofficer@underwaterhockeyaustralia.org.au with any photos including the date and competition that was played and the names of the people in the photo.