Nationals 2012 in review


The 2012 Nationals were held  22 – 26 January 2012 at Challenge Stadium, Perth, Western Australia. View the full results, competitor details & daily schedules.

The 2012 Nationals were hosted on behalf of Underwater Hockey Australia by the WA Underwater Hockey Commission.

See all the previous posts on the 2012 Nationals including full daily results, competitors and daily schedules.


Rank Men Women Masters Juniors
1 WA Tas WA Metro Tas A
2 WA Colts NSW WA Country WA
3 Vic WA SA Tas B
4 Qld Vic NSW
5 NSW Qld Singapore
6 Tas



Mens: Scott Digney (WA)
Womens: Alice van der Woude (TAS)
Masters: Pat Kelly (WA)
Juniors: Alex Barnes –Keoghan (TAS) 


Champion State Points

Ist WA 25pts
2nd Tas 17 pts
3rd nsw 15 pts
4th vic 10 pts
5 QLD 8pts
6 SA 6pts (note SA didn’t actually meet eligibility requirements)


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