Notes from Capitans Meeting

As discussed at the Captains meeting at the 2012 Nationals:

Selectors Needed

Underwater Hockey Australia is calling for nominations for the following positions for the Australian team try-outs:U19 Boys Selectors

  • U19 Girls Selectors
  • U23 Boys Selectors
  • U23 Girls Selectors
  • Open Mens Selectors
  • Open Womens Selectors
  • Womens Masters Selectors
  • Mens Masters Selectors

Coaching Vacancies

The also have the following coaching vacancies:

  • Womens Coach
  • U23 Boys Coach
  • U23 Girls Coach
  • Womens Masters Coach
  • Mens Masters Coach

Interested parties should contact Rees Quilford

Tryouts for Australian Team

Players interested in trying out for Australian teams should wear a black “A” on their arm below their number.

The Australian team try-outs will be held on Thursday afternoon.