AUF memberships due July 1, 2012

Australian Underwater Federation memberships expire on June 30.

Changes to Membership Structure

The AUF has recently made changes to improve the membership data base tier structure, to improve access and reporting capabilities at a club level.

What does this mean you members?

It has not changed your fees or your link to your club or Commission (sport).

It will allow your club, if they choose, to include the club membership fees in one payment.

You will now have more choices of membership e.g.  1 yr,  4 yrs, 6 months (1 Jan – 30 June) or family membership. For clarification of Membership types please go to the web page.

Your club will be able to access all the data for their members.

Your club will be able to use the data base to send communication to its members.

Your club will be able to use the data base for registrations for events/competitions.

You will have a separate log on and password for each commission (sport) that you are a member of.  Please ensure that you log into the correct sport when paying your membership as your main sport and then your secondary sports . Once logged in you can change your password. We hope in the near future to make an upgrade so that only one log in will be required – but we are not ready for that yet.

When you renew your membership you will see that the pricing structure and time frame reflects the changes to the season end date.

Having trouble renewing?

For any problems with your membership renewal  please email, please allow a couple of days for a response, remember we are all volunteers.