NSW State Titles 2012

By Ron Brear, NSW Underwater Hockey Commission President

Underwater Hockey game during the NSW State Titles 2012

The NSW Underwater Hockey Commission held its state championships at Ryde Aquatic Centre on the 12th of August. The competition had excellent attendance with players coming from Wollongong, Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle and even an Australian UWH Delegates team from all over the country. NSW underwater hockey would like to thank all the players for the fantastic spirit and goodwill that was felt in all the games that promoted a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

All the teams played each other once providing a good amount of game time and an even competition for all involved. Congratulations to Sydney on narrowly winning the Competition and becoming the new state champions. Their consistent quality hockey got them over the line.

Newcastle Underwater Hockey also deserves a round of applause. They are a new club that only started 6 months ago, they turned up to the pool with fire in their eyes and hunger for gold in their bellies. At the end of the competition their hunger wasn’t filled but the fire was still there. They ended up with the bronze but they are sure to be a force in years to come.

Lastly I would like to thank the generous volunteers for their time and effort in making the competition happen: Andy Davies, Lena Plambeck, Phil Ackerman, Graham Woody, Andrew Dunlop and Jason Beck.

Final Standings

  1. Sydney Underwater Hockey club
  2. Wollongong Underwater Hockey club
  3. Newcastle Underwater Hockey club