Underwater Hockey Australia 2012 AGM

The Underwater Hockey Australia Commission Annual General Meeting was held in Woolongong on 11 August 2012.

I would like to start by saying a massive thank you to Eden Brown for all her work in the lead up, at the AGM itself and for producing such comprehensive minutes. Another thank you needs to go Phil and Eden for putting up with a bunch of recalcitrant underwater hockey dorks for the weekend.

It was also great that so many state representatives were able to make it and contribute. It is a big effort to give up a weekend for administration based nonsense but is great that we have a really talented group of dedicated people working towards the betterment of Underwater Hockey here in Australia.

The meeting witnessed some changes to the Underwater Hockey Australia Committee. I would like to acknowledge the enormous contribution of Kirsteen Reid who decided not to renominate as Junior Development Officer. She has undertaken a massive amount of work especially over the past twelve months coaching, managing and helping develop junior players. It is much appreciated. While she will no longer have a formal role on the committee Kirsteen will continue in her coaching role.

On that note, I welcome Sandra Milner to the role of Junior Development Officer. It will be a real asset to have Sandra bringing her trademark passion and dedication to the role.

There was much discussion and quite a few action items arising from the meeting. They can be read in the minutes below.

Rees Quilford
Director, Underwater Hockey Australia