Queensland Underwater Hockey Titles 2012

By Marc Richards, CUA President & Co-Convenor

Cairns Underwater Association LogoThe Cairns Underwater Association Inc. (CUA) was this year’s host of the Queensland State Titles, held in brilliant sunshine at the Woree Olympic Pool on the Saturday 15th September. Of the five teams that competed three travelled from the state’s southeast corner providing the mostly inexperienced local Cairns’ side much needed insight into competitive play, techniques and game fitness. The fifth team was a Barbarians side made up of players from Brisbane, Cairns and other competing teams. Unfortunately Townsville players were unable to attend and there was a missed chance to contest the northern interclub cup.

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The 30 minute per game in a single round robin format provided four hard fought games for each team with time after the last official game for the ladies to have a training game together.

A barbeque lunch was prepared by Nicola and her friends & family and a buffet dinner with presentation at Trumpy’s motel restaurant capped off the one day event.

The Tweed Gold Coast Free Divers – Bullrouts team dominated the competition and took out the trophy for the 13th time and were lead by their captain Karl Paton and other multiple Title winners including Ian Brown, Lee Thomas and James Rossiter.

Individual trophies were presented to each winning team member and each team captain.

The CUA wishes to thank the players, referees, visiting teams and Russell Cox (UWH Commissioner) for making this event possible. The Titles may prove a boosting to Cairns UWH and above all firing an urge amongst local players to engage if further competitions.

As co-convenor I sincerely wish to thank Warren Hughes for a job well done as well as the other supporting organisers Nicola. Larnie, Trumpy, Julie, Matt Mason and of course my fellow club players.

Game results

Toowoomba (0) v Gold Coast (23)
Morayfield (6) v Barbarians (3)
Cairns (0) v Gold Coast (18)
Toowoomba (2) v Morayfield (8)
Cairns (11) v Barbarians (2)
Gold Coast (22) v Morayfield (0)
Cairns (8) v Morayfield (2)
Barbarians (13) v Toowoomba (3)
Cairns (10) v Toowoomba (4)
Barbarians (0) v Gold Coast (21)

Final standings

  1. Gold Coast
  2. Cairns
  3. Morayfield
  4. Barbarians
  5. Toowoomba