Advice for players experiencing ongoing respiratory symptoms from Nationals

The advice below has been provided by Sandra Milner. Sandra is the Australian Team Manager and a GP.

Dear Players,

As some of you are aware, issues with the Aquatic Centre ventilation system at Nationals resulted in some players sufferring asthma like symptoms of cough, tightness in the chest, problems breathing that was releaved by asthma medications (ventolin/symbicort).

Most people have not experienced ongoing symptoms since the competition but some people have. I have discussed this with a specialist and this is his recommendation:

The ongoing symptoms may have been due to the exposure in the pool but may also be due to a respiratory infection at the same time as pools with large competitions are a great breeding ground for such infections. All players who have ongoing symptoms should see their GPs and explain the events and have examination, swabs for RSV, influenza and petussis, a CXR and lung function tests. Treatment as appropriate to findings and if symptoms persist a referral to a local respiratory physician.

Please do not just put it off as there may be medication that will help. If your GP would like to ring me the best time is Tuesday/Wed and Friday when I am at work on 03 62641666 and ask for Dr Sandra WARD.