Wollongong Potluck 4s

The Wollongong 4s is a potluck competition where teams of four players battle it out in 2x5min games in a court 2.4m deep and 15x17m.

This year’s event will be held on the 5th of March 2022.

Please pre-register @ https://www.trybooking.com/BXJXU

2022 Kings Cup Club Championships moved to April

The Kings Cup was scheduled to be held in July but with the postponement of the 2022 Australian National Championships, the Kings Cup club championships will now move to April.  

The event will be held on 9 & 10 April 2022 at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre.

Updates about the competition can be viewed via the Kings Cup 2022 Facebook page.

Queensland Underwater Hockey Titles 2012

By Marc Richards, CUA President & Co-Convenor

Cairns Underwater Association LogoThe Cairns Underwater Association Inc. (CUA) was this year’s host of the Queensland State Titles, held in brilliant sunshine at the Woree Olympic Pool on the Saturday 15th September. Of the five teams that competed three travelled from the state’s southeast corner providing the mostly inexperienced local Cairns’ side much needed insight into competitive play, techniques and game fitness. The fifth team was a Barbarians side made up of players from Brisbane, Cairns and other competing teams. Unfortunately Townsville players were unable to attend and there was a missed chance to contest the northern interclub cup.

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The 30 minute per game in a single round robin format provided four hard fought games for each team with time after the last official game for the ladies to have a training game together.

A barbeque lunch was prepared by Nicola and her friends & family and a buffet dinner with presentation at Trumpy’s motel restaurant capped off the one day event.

The Tweed Gold Coast Free Divers – Bullrouts team dominated the competition and took out the trophy for the 13th time and were lead by their captain Karl Paton and other multiple Title winners including Ian Brown, Lee Thomas and James Rossiter.

Individual trophies were presented to each winning team member and each team captain.

The CUA wishes to thank the players, referees, visiting teams and Russell Cox (UWH Commissioner) for making this event possible. The Titles may prove a boosting to Cairns UWH and above all firing an urge amongst local players to engage if further competitions.

As co-convenor I sincerely wish to thank Warren Hughes for a job well done as well as the other supporting organisers Nicola. Larnie, Trumpy, Julie, Matt Mason and of course my fellow club players.

Game results

Toowoomba (0) v Gold Coast (23)
Morayfield (6) v Barbarians (3)
Cairns (0) v Gold Coast (18)
Toowoomba (2) v Morayfield (8)
Cairns (11) v Barbarians (2)
Gold Coast (22) v Morayfield (0)
Cairns (8) v Morayfield (2)
Barbarians (13) v Toowoomba (3)
Cairns (10) v Toowoomba (4)
Barbarians (0) v Gold Coast (21)

Final standings

  1. Gold Coast
  2. Cairns
  3. Morayfield
  4. Barbarians
  5. Toowoomba

Victorian State Titles: A Resounding Success

By Kevin Chisholm

On the 26th of August, the Victorian State Titles were held. They were organised by the committee, mostly Wolfy and Steph, so obviously the first question was “Is there even a pool booked?”

There was. And what a pool. 2m deep, 25m long, and I have no idea how wide, with a bottom as smooth as silk and water as clear as the sky. It was a thing of beauty.

The second obvious question was “Who will play?” It seems a strange question considering every player in Victoria knows every other player, and has shared bodily fluids one way or another to the point where we can play the game ‘2 degrees of separation’ with disturbing success. But after last year’s two team titles, it was a serious concern.

Again, our worries were needless. “Build it, and they will come…” said the voice in Wolfy’s head. And come they did.

The senior teams, in order of finishing, were;

  • The Wizards
    Hendo’s Hooligans  are a regular fixture, and with their team of internationals, interstaters and outright poaching from other clubs, they had a formidable line-up. Unfortunately, the Harlem Globetrotters called in a last minute cancellation, and so a few stalwarts who actually regularly play at Xavier sneaked in. The team took a little while to get their game together, but once they were sorted they were impressive.
  • Warragul
    The surprise package of the comp, with a stellar line-up of mostly Warragul players as well as a couple of affiliates pulled in through their kiwi links. Craig was always going to be the danger forward of the comp, but the surprise was how well he was supported by his team. The only team to score against the Wizards or Wonthaggi, their forward line was the benchmark of the comp.
  • Wonthaggi
    Last year’s unstoppable juggernaut this year declared that they would rather see an even five or six teams than two ‘superteams’, which everyone knew meant Kev had been too lazy to organise a decent team. Still, they pulled a couple of salty old sea dogs out, replacing the injured Lachy Wishart with the great Gary O’Connor and calling Cassie De Lacy Vawden out of retirement in her secluded mountain retreat.
  • Richmond
    The Dead Club still managed to pull together a great team, despite their fearless leader not playing due to chronic limp wristedness. (be nice to Steven, it’s a real disease) Tim Helm played a great comp, showing the steely edge he usually hides behind his nice guy exterior
  • Geelong
    The hosts of the comp, Geelong put together an experienced team, but playing with only 85% of the salary cap meant they were unable to secure contracts on local heroes Critter and Camile. In their absence, the Stuart ‘The Sillver Fox’ McCallum, and rookie of the year Rustal Briggs stepped up.

There were two notable absences; Ballarat, who were talking up their chances in the lead up to the comp, but presumably pulled out when they discovered that the comp was not going to be held in Ballarat (and more shockingly, that there was an ‘outside Ballarat’ at all.) Monash did not put in a team as they did not have the numbers, but it they were well represented in all the other teams.

The comp itself was a very even affair, starting with a 0-0 draw between Wizards and Wonthaggi. Any of the top four teams could have gone close, but at the end it was clear that the Wizards were the deserving champs. A controversial tie did not end up being settled by goal difference, after Warragul refused to roll over for a set of fin keepers, blitzing a tiring Wonthaggi  4-1, and leaving Wizards the only undefeated team at the end of the day.

The junior comp was also held with players from Geelong, Wonthaggi, Melbourne and Warragul. All teams played well, but it was the home team that ended up on top. Kaia, Erik and Jayden were the best players on the day for their respective clubs, and the ability of all juniors led to the formation of not one but two state junior teams.

Congratulations to Xavier, and many thanks to Wolfy and Steph for organising a fantastic comp!


Kevin Chisholm is a member of the Wonthaggi Underwater Hockey club in Victoria. His interests include tree-lopping and teaching. He was a member of the Irish Underwater Canoe Polo team which participated in the 2006 CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships in Sheffield, England.

The official account of the 2012 Victorian State Championships is available on the Victorian Underwater Hockey Commission website.

Roughing it up with Underwater Rugby

By Ron Brear

Sydney Underwater Hockey club, namely Catalina Perez and Francis Yanga, organised a fantastic learn-to-play Underwater Rugby night with the University of NSW underwater rugby club. This was a great cross promotion of our fantastic sport. It was just another regular Wednesday night and we had an outstanding representation with a dozen underwater Hockey players from Wollongong and Sydney turning up with energy bubbling out of their eyes. Eamon McCormack was the devil reincarnated with long breath holds, smooth moves and rough tactics on the goals. Sydney Hockey are continuing to talk to the club and teeing up some nights for the Rugby players to come along to Hockey. Thanks Catalina and Francis for your efforts.

NSW State Titles 2012

By Ron Brear, NSW Underwater Hockey Commission President

Underwater Hockey game during the NSW State Titles 2012

The NSW Underwater Hockey Commission held its state championships at Ryde Aquatic Centre on the 12th of August. The competition had excellent attendance with players coming from Wollongong, Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle and even an Australian UWH Delegates team from all over the country. NSW underwater hockey would like to thank all the players for the fantastic spirit and goodwill that was felt in all the games that promoted a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

All the teams played each other once providing a good amount of game time and an even competition for all involved. Congratulations to Sydney on narrowly winning the Competition and becoming the new state champions. Their consistent quality hockey got them over the line.

Newcastle Underwater Hockey also deserves a round of applause. They are a new club that only started 6 months ago, they turned up to the pool with fire in their eyes and hunger for gold in their bellies. At the end of the competition their hunger wasn’t filled but the fire was still there. They ended up with the bronze but they are sure to be a force in years to come.

Lastly I would like to thank the generous volunteers for their time and effort in making the competition happen: Andy Davies, Lena Plambeck, Phil Ackerman, Graham Woody, Andrew Dunlop and Jason Beck.

Final Standings

  1. Sydney Underwater Hockey club
  2. Wollongong Underwater Hockey club
  3. Newcastle Underwater Hockey club

Video showcasing the Wollongong Potluck 4s Competition

This excellent video produced by Edwin Kwan and featuring commentary by Andy Davis showcases the 20th Anniversary Wollongong Potluck 4s competition.

Thanks to Edwin and Andy and the rest of Wollongong for a great event and an excellent video.

Wollongong Potluck 4s celebrates 20 years

By Eden Brown & Phil Ackerman

The annual Wollongong 4’s competition celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a terrific turn out of 87 competitors. After Nationals, it is one of the largest UWH competitions in Australia.

The potluck competition, held at Wollongong University on 16 March 2012, sees teams drawn out of the pot at random. This year’s competition ran very smoothly and we received a great deal of positive feedback regarding the games. This was largely due to having four non-players on hand to run the schedule and keep track of reffing and timing. It made a huge difference, as in previous years the competition was run by these guys while they’re trying to play.

From all reports the games were of reasonable quality with the winning team that looked set for gold from the outset when Stewart Parkinson, Dave Barry-Macaulay, Steven Taylor, Ben O’Connor and Tim Ogden were drawn together.

The competition featured 16 teams of five (due to the large numbers). Each team played 7 x 10 minute games meaning there was 115 games in total including the final and two kids’ games. This made for a pretty full on schedule but teams managed to work out their own method of keeping up. Because the timing is so tight teams can be caught out if they’re not in the water on time – games start regardless and the opposition tends to score goals very quickly with no opposition in the water.

We also staged two 20min junior games in the shallow court involving 16 juniors aged between 7 and 15 years old. It was fantastic to see the older children helping the younger ones out with skills and teamwork. Certificates and chocolate medallions were presented afterwards.

Phil Ackerman once again hosted a post-competition BBQ at his house on the hill. This year saw about 100 people and 48 interstate players were billeted including a contingent from Armidale, Queensland and Victoria. Three of the original winners – Carol Croxford, Andy Davis and Leah Moore – were in attendance. It really was a remarkable turn out with players arriving who we hadn’t seen poolside for 10 or 15 years!

The BBQ was fancy dress with ‘Irish Pirate’ the theme of the night. Two punters were selected for best dressed with the winner decided by a toss of the coin. To the victor went a pot of gold while the loser was forced to walk the plank into the pool! The children also had a fancy dress competition as well.

The party went well into the night and I believe both Kev and Eamon misplaced their underwear in the spa. Luckily Ty caused a distraction by voluntarily removing his!

So, who got lucky at the Wollongong 4’s this year? You’ll have to come next year and find out for yourself!

Wollongong Pot Luck 4’s Competition – 20th Anniversary

Lock in Saturday 17th March 2012 for the Wollongong Pot Luck 4s Comp.

Some brief details:
  • The Wollongong Potluck 4s is a social comp where teams of 4 (plus maybe a sub or beginner 5th player) are drawn on the day.
  • The games are 2 x 5min and played in two different courts best described as either short and deep or shallow and spacious.
  • Games are scheduled between 12-5 followed by a great BBQ party and raffle.
  • The raffle prizes are from UWHsuppliers and local businesses and there generally are enough prizes for everybody to win if you are LUCKY !

Most importantly, this is our 20th Anniversary of this competition so we are going all out – it’s going to be huge!
This year we have a theme for the party – Pirate Theme. It so happens to be on St Patricks day as well so there are plenty of reasons to celebrate and go ARRRGH!

Check our Facebook Page, and “like the page” so that you are kept in the loop or see our Events page for the latest details.

Interstate players very welcome !!!!