Underwater Hockey Australia is the peak body for the sport of Underwater Hockey in Australia. We have more than 800 players and officials across Australia.

Becoming a member

Underwater Hockey Australia membership and insurance is administered by the Australian Underwater Federation.

Membership includes:

  • AUF membership
  • UHA membership
  • Membership to your respective state body
  • Public liability insurance & limited person injury insurance
    View the AUF website for details on insurance . It is recommended that players consider taking out additional personal accident/injury insurance.

You can join or renew your membership via the AUF’s secure membership portal.

Membership inquiries should be directed to the AUF Membership Officer at

How to lodge an injury claim

In the unfortunate situation where you need to lodge an insurance claim please undertake the following steps:

  1. Collect any relevant documentation
  2. Complete and send the following email template including the following representatives:


Information for clubs

The following resources have been posted for use by clubs/branches:

  • AUF Player Waiver Form
    • The AUF has insurance coverage includes a level of cover players trying the sport.
    • New players are advised to complete and sign the waiver form.
    • New players should join as full members within four sessions.