Underwater Hockey Rules Course

This Underwater Hockey Rules Course is an introductory level training module covering the basic rules of Underwater Hockey that a referee must know. It is recommended that all players also go through this package at least once / year (the suggested time is in preparation for Nationals). Successfully completing this course allows you to referee at National competitions.  If you wish, you can obtain L1 accreditation at the Nationals – this will involve refereeing with a L2 / L3 referee who will provide practical coaching.

The Referee Accreditation System consists of the following 3 levels:

Rules Course

  • Theory on rules, (this Rules Course and Rules Course Quizzes).

Level 1 (Club) Referee

  • Practical training
  • Ref and log ten games
  • Ongoing evaluation & mentoring by experienced Referees

Level 2 (National) Referee

  • Level 1
  • Level 2 course, exam, and evaluations
  • 25 games at Regional  / State level

Level 3 (International) Referee


Completing the Rules Course

Go through the slides for each part and complete the quiz for that part.  Review your results and repeat the quiz until you get a pass mark for the quiz.  You must complete all parts and quizzes to pass the Rules Course.

Rules Course Contents

The Rules Course consists of the following 3 parts:

Underwater Hockey Rules Course Part 1

  • Rules re Playing Area and Equipment
  • Roles of Officials
  • Quiz Part 1

Underwater Hockey Rules Course Part 2

Underwater Hockey Rules Course Part 3

  • Penalties
  • Equal puck / Advantage puck / Penalty shots / Penalty goal
  • Protests / Appeals / Match Abandonment
  • Quiz Part 3
Start with the Underwater Hockey Rules Course Part 1 and then follow the links at the end of each presentation to the Quiz for each section.

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