Latest Update December 2023

UHA would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.
An AGM has been called for January 20th 2024, at which time, all positions will be open up for nominations. This includes Executive Director, Secretary, Treasurer, and 3 Management positions. These management positions will have oversite of key areas for UHA such as Development, Coaching, Refereeing, MPIO, Communications, and Records.
Nationals for 2024 will be held in Cairns from Wednesday 10th April till Monday 15th April. The date has been selected to reduce the number of people impacted as January Nationals was not available due to a pool availability issue. This year, the school holidays do not line up for all states, so a compromise date was selected. Juniors will run from a training day on Wednesday 10th April to starting the Juniors round robin on Thursday 11th April, with their finals on Saturday 13th April. The senior division will start on Saturday 13th April, and run till Monday 14th April.

Kings Cup 2023 Registration Now Open

Registration for 2023 Kings Cup is now open.

The event will take place 20 & 21 May 2023 on the Gold Coast.

Team registration & payment deadline: Friday 7th April 2023

Team lists and outstanding player payments due: Friday 5th May 2023.
*You can add/change players if need be after the team registration deadline.

Information pack is available at:

The team registration link is:

Find out more at:

Important notes:
We have limited ability/pool space to accommodate more than total number of teams entered last year (18). So this year the FIRST 6 teams in each grade that register (fill out link AND pay their fees) will be guaranteed a spot, but any teams that register after that will have to wait to be confirmed entry – will depend on permutations of total games required in each division for X number of teams entered etc. We would prefer to not have to make games much shorter to accommodate late registering teams.
We are trusting clubs to enter appropriate strength teams in each grade. Although we have received feedback on how to grade teams, we are not aware of any quantitative/objective way to fairly grade teams and trust that for those who have attended past comps have got the feel of what constitutes an A, B or C grade team. It would also be ideal to set a quota of female players in each team/in water but we also feel that there is not enough depth across all clubs to make this a rule.
The Gold Coast Performance Centre (15mins from pool) has offered 10% off accommodation for any UWH teams that weekend. See info pack for details.

Any questions/feedback please contact Ben Stepkovitch at

2024 Australian Nationals to be held in Cairns

The Australian Underwater Hockey Championships will be held in Cairns, Qld from the 11th to 15th of April 2024.

Changes to the UHA committee

The UHA Annual General Meeting was held Saturday 15th October.  Following a number of years of service to the UHA committee and community, five of the executive have stood down. It has obviously been a challenging last few years with Covid, and with motivation waning and life developments, these executives hope that some fresh appointments the ambitious plan and vision they have set out prior to Covid can be achieved in the future. 

Nick Martyn, Jacko Smit, Eden Brown, Stewart Parkinson and Angus Sinclair have all served for a number of years on the committee as well as numerous other roles over the years. They have been a key part to undertake a number of positive changes for UHA.  I thank them all for their efforts and dedication to UHA and wish them well in their future endeavours in and out of the pool.

Wollongong Potluck 4s

The Wollongong 4s is a potluck competition where teams of four players battle it out in 2x5min games in a court 2.4m deep and 15x17m.

This year’s event will be held on the 5th of March 2022.

Please pre-register @

Australian 2022 National Championships

AUFQ in consultation with UHA and AUF made the decision to delay the 2022 Australian National Championships. The competition will now take place from the 4th to 9th July.

The reasons for this decision were as follows:

  • Limited team registrations per division
  • WA border restrictions have been extended and may not open until past the current comp date;
  • COVID 19 – associated risk to the tournament should any team be taken out by the impacts of Covid or the rules around close contacts of a positive case.

AUFQ, UHA and the AUF hope that delaying the 2022 Australian National Championships until July will achieve the following:

  • Facilitate WA state team inclusion across divisions;
  • Provide a more stable and understood tournament environment in consideration of COVID 19.
  • Increase the likelihood of additional teams across divisions (inter-state/overseas). 

Updates about the competition are posted on 2022 Australian National Championships Facebook page.

Should you have any questions please contact AUFQ Organisers or the UHA Tournament Director (Stewart Parkinson) via email or mobile.

A updated information pack and important dates will soon follow. 

2022 Kings Cup Club Championships moved to April

The Kings Cup was scheduled to be held in July but with the postponement of the 2022 Australian National Championships, the Kings Cup club championships will now move to April.  

The event will be held on 9 & 10 April 2022 at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre.

Updates about the competition can be viewed via the Kings Cup 2022 Facebook page.

Australian 2020 Elite Teams

The Australian Elite teams for 2020 were announced at the recent Australian UWH Championships. The selected teams are as follows:

Australian Elite Women’s Team

  • Hannah Robbert-Tissot (C)
  • Eliza Game
  • Romy Keppel
  • Sunny Pasco-Thompson
  • Alice Van Der Woude
  • Sasha Baudestil
  • Zoe Canavan
  • Dan Hunt
  • Katelyn Tenbensel
  • Tori Wickham
  • Briody Hilder
  • Kate Howard

Australian Elite Team 2020 Australian Elite Men’s Team

  • Tom Miller (Captain)
  • Gavan Wise
  • Todd Canavan
  • Josh Mackenzie
  • Gary Rosewarne
  • Mason Gillespie
  • Shannon Griffiths
  • Amar Sarmiento
  • Stewart Parkinson
  • Scott Mackenzie
  • Hunter Jones
  • Rhys Milburn
  • Joel Hattie (Reserve)
  • Max Campbell (Reserve)

Australian UWH Championships 2020

The 2020 Australian Underwater Hockey Championships were held at Knox Grammar School, Sydney from 19-24 January 2020.

For information and results about the competition:

Knox Aquatic Centre

Pacific Rim Age Group Championships announced for Cairns

Dear members, Unfortunately due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we have had to cancel the 2020 Asia Pacific Cup that was due to be held in Cairns in December.  Australia and NZ are working closely to look at potential UWH replacement tournaments for both elites and age teams once there is more certainty around international travel.
We will keep you posted.
UHA Committee

The Tobruk Memorial Pool in Cairns will play host to an Australian / New Zealand Age Games Invitational from the 5th to the 8th of December 2020.

Categories include U19 & U24 Male & Female divisions.

An information pack will be released soon.

Register your interest via email to

Competition flyer