Code of Conduct

Australian Underwater Hockey Team

Players and Team Management

Code of Conduct
  1. Players must be current FULL members of the The Australian Underwater Federation Inc.
  2. All payment for airfares, accommodation, uniforms, administration fees and coach’s fees must be paid to the team manager by the due dates, as specified by the team manager, in order to compete.
  3. Players must return and/or respond to all correspondence on or before the due date, as specified in the correspondence by the team coach or manager.
  4. All players are responsible to the management team, consisting of the manager and team coaches. In addition junior players are responsible to the junior chaperone.
  5. All laws of any country a team is visiting must be adhered to.
  6. All rules of venues being used by the national  team and regulations of the host organisation must be adhered to.
  7. Players and officials of the management team must not attend training, competition or meetings whilst intoxicated.
  8. Please note that the drinking of alcohol by juniors will not be tolerated at any stage during the official tour. The drinking of alcohol by seniors is not encouraged and supplying alcohol to juniors is forbidden.
  9. Players and officials must not behave in such a way as to bring criticism to the touring party.
  10. Players and officials must comply with uniform dress code requirements as set by the team management.
  11. Players must attempt to maintain themselves in peak mental and physical condition during training and competition.
  12. Players must abide by the Australian sports drug code.
  13. Any illness or injury must be reported to the team coach and/ or team management as soon as possible.
  14. The team manager has the authority to seek medical attention for and on behalf of the players, if the team manager considers it necessary in the circumstances.
  15. Players must attend all training sessions when and where reasonably required.
  16. Players must abide by training programs set by the team coach.
  17. Individual sponsorship can only be displayed when permission has been granted by the team management.
  18. Permission must be granted to the players by the team management prior to any media contact.
  19. This code of conduct extends to all members of the Australian U/Water Hockey Team, including players, team management and junior chaperone.
  20. If any party breaches this code of conduct, then such breach may lead to either temporary or permanent expulsion from the team, subject to review, to be decided by a committee made up of the team management.