Video showcasing the Wollongong Potluck 4s Competition

This excellent video produced by Edwin Kwan and featuring commentary by Andy Davis showcases the 20th Anniversary Wollongong Potluck 4s competition.

Thanks to Edwin and Andy and the rest of Wollongong for a great event and an excellent video.

Information for 2012 Australian Elite teams

The following information relates the Australian 2012 Men’s and Women’s team:

Thank you for the deposits and training camp payments received to date. Those who haven’t paid please do so immediately.

The Competition

The Southern Hemisphere / Trans Tasman Championships will be held at the Miami Aquatic Centre from 9-13 July 2012.   Training sessions for Australian teams will be held on the Sunday the 8th and Monday the 9th of July.

Both Arnie and Dave need you to be there by the morning of Saturday 7th July. The  finals will be held on Friday the 13th of July. I will be booking accommodation from the Saturday morning for the elite teams. The accommodation will be about 5 minutes drive form the pool on the beach at Burleigh Beach, directly opposite the beach. The accommodation at this stage will be at the Mediterranean Breakers Resort. It is very good, self contained, an indoor and out door pool, directly opposite beach , walking distance to the supermarket and shops. It will be about $ 40 – 45 a night per player.

If you are not intending to stay with the team or require additional room for a spouse/ family member you need to advice me ASAP as I need to put down non refundable deposits for each room. You also need to discuss with your coach if you will not be staying with them team.


You will need to book your own flights which will be equalised amongst your team. Please send a receipt for all flight bookings as this is considered to be a deposit in a sense to your overall payment plan. Please try as hard as possible to reduce the costs to your team mates. This means book it now. Not a week before the comp! I will be printing current flights costs from a number of airlines and keeping them in my files, if your costs are considered to be excessive you will need to meet the costs above what is deemed to be reasonable. Once you have booked please send me your receipt.

Tournament Costs

I am waiting for final costs form the organizers of the event so I cannot confirm these just yet. As soon as these are available I will forward you the final payment plan.

Player detail forms

Many people attempted to fill these in at National selections or training camp. However for most of you they were incomplete. Please provide all details, including medical and AUF details.

Sports Foundation

The financial cycles for using this system are locked in so if we wish to use this as a means of reducing team costs then all team members within a team need to agree and we need to submit costs to them ASAP.

Team Captains need to discuss this with their teams and  let me know ASAP if they wish to go down this path. If I do not hear from you by Monday the 26th of March I will assume you are not seeking to use the Sports Foundation.


I will be ordering bathers, hoodies and tops for all team members. In order to reduce costs I would like to suggest that players provide their own navy blue pants (although I am able to source these as well if required).

Please indicate sizes on the player detail forms sheets below. Men please bear in mind the Men’s bathers are low cut at the front so if you may want to select a larger size. They are the same cut of bathers we had at 2012 Worlds and 2011 Southerns. All players will need to order new bathers.


We will discuss later, it is about 5 minute by car to the pool but too far to walk. There may be some players who have access to vehicles.


  1. Fill in player forms all details please and return ASAP.
  2. Pay deposits/ training camp costs (if not done so)
  3. Captains: please let me know if there is interest in using the Sports Foundation and if pants are required as part of the uniform.

For more information please contact Kirsteen Reid ( or 03 9578 3508).

Nationals 2012 in review


The 2012 Nationals were held  22 – 26 January 2012 at Challenge Stadium, Perth, Western Australia. View the full results, competitor details & daily schedules.

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2012 Nationals Day 5 Results – Grand Finals

Here are the full results of the 2012 Nationals games held on Day 5 of the championships including the Grand Finals for the Men, Women and Masters competitions. Congrats to the winners WA Metro in the Masters, Tasmania in the Women’s and WA in the Men’s, along with Tas A in the Juniors.

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2012 Nationals Schedules Day 5 – Finals Day

Here is the schedule for the final day of the 2012 Nationals. It’s Finals day, and whilst we already have a winner in the Junior’s comp, today the rest of the teams will be hard at work with a few games each to decide the 2012 winners.

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2012 Nationals Placings at the end of the Round Robin

Here we are in the home stretch of the Nationals for 2012. The Placings at the end of the Round Robin stage are:

Men – 1. WA, 2. WA Colts, 3. Vic

Women – 1. Tas, 2. NSW, 3. Vic

Masters – 1. WA Metro, 2. WA Country, 3. SA

Juniors – 1. Tas A, 2. WA, 3. Tas B

See the full table below.

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2012 Nationals Day 4 Results

Congratulations to TAS A winners of the U19 division at Nationals 2012. They beat a gallant WA team 4-2 in a great contest. Here are the other results from Day 4.

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2012 Nationals Day 5 Schedule – Finals

It’s Finals Day at the 2012 Nationals. Today the competition will be decided for the Men’s Women’s and Master’s teams and an interesting game between the Juniors and Singapore.

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2012 Nationals Day 3 Standings

Here is the current standings of all teams in each Comp after Day 3.

Men – 1. WA, 2. WA Colts, 3. Vic

Women – 1. NSW, 2. Tas, 3. Vic and WA

Masters – 1. WA Metro, 2. WA Country, 3. Singapore and SA

Juniors – 1. Tas A, 2. WA, 3. Tas B

Full table below

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2012 Nationals Day 3 Results

Day 3 of the Nationals and we are into the first of the Semi’s in the Men’s Comp. Current Standings in the Men’s comp is WA leading WA Colts and Vic coming 3rd.

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