Hungary to host 2013 Underwater Hockey World Championships

CMAS recently announced that the 2013 Underwater Hockey World Championships will be held in Eger, Hungary.

At a recent meeting of the CMAS Board of Director approved a request from the Hungarian DiversĀ Federation to host the tournament from August 23 to September 1, 2013.

The CMAS memorandum states “The Organising Committee will be set up within two weeks and will carry out all the activities in order to make the WC not only a success, but a joyful and memorable gathering of the best CMAS athletes in this discipline.”

Australian UWH Nationals 2013

The Victorian Underwater Hockey Commission (VUHC) is committed to hosting Nationals in 2013. Unfortunately, due to issues with lifting tiles we are no longer able to utilise the facilities at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre in Albert Park.

An organising working group has been elected and we are exploring options at other venues with the aim of securing a booking in the next month.

Further details will be distributed shortly.

The VUHC 2013 Nationals working group includes:

Suan Adorni, Juan Manuel Castano, Sharon Davis, Michaela Dommisse, Luella Genato, Graham Henderson, Alec Johnston, Tracey McFee, David McFee, Tim Odgen, Ā Rees Quilford, Kirsteen Reid, Martin Vetneer, Belinda Watts, Camille White, Callum Wishart.

Questions about the 2013 Nationals in Melbourne should be directed to the VUHC President, Steven Taylor (