Will you put your hand up to referee?

Underwater Hockey Australia is calling for volunteers to top up our pool of NPR’s (Non-playing referees) at Nationals 2023 by becoming a playing referee.

Please contact Helen Canavan (Chief Referee for Nationals 2023) at referee@underwaterhockeyaustralia.org.au

It is important we get enough dedicated referees (non-playing and playing) to avoid teams being required to provide referees. Having dedicated referees results in a higher quality of refereeing as well as assists with planning. Playing referees may be entitled to partial remuneration of costs.

Non-playing referee call out

The UHA is calling on any and all parties interested in being a non playing or playing referee for the upcoming 2020 Nationals in Sydney.

  • Non playing referees are reimbursed their airfares, accommodated and fed during the day.
  • Playing referees are eligible for some reimbursement for airfares depending on the number of games refereed.

We are especially keen for players who may have just missed the cut, are injured but could still referee or anybody who wants to develop their refereeing long term. If you are on this space, you can still be a part of Nationals!

Some may ask “what is in it for me?” well, so far this year Australia have sent referees to worlds in Sheffield, UK, Two comps in China and about to send referees to the SEA Games in the Philippines. We are also about to run a referee course in China.

So, if you love the game, and would like to get involved, Nationals is the starting point.

For more information, please email Angus at referee@underwaterhockeyaustralia.org.au and let me know what you want to do!